Sex changes and EPA wrapped up in atrazine war

“The atrazine hysteria doesn’t pass inspection — it reeks of ambulance chasers and lawsuit shoppers.”

Chris Bennett writes at FarmPressBlog:

Darnell the frog is the champion of the anti-atrazine crowd. Darnell is an ex-male that became partially female and got cross-wired or something to that effect. A hemaphrodite, transgendered frog with high-pitched croaks — maybe that’s a more politically correct description and about as clear as mud.

Darnell has been afflicted with an odd series of reproductive problems as a result of exposure to the herbicide atrazine in his swimming tank — or at least that is the claim of bombastic UC Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes. Tending to push his fame quotient alongside his atrazine research, Hayes blames atrazine for a litany of maladies in animals and humans: cancer, neural damage, hormone disruption, and a bunch more. Hayes’ ranting e-mail communications with atrazine’s manufacturer, Syngenta, recently became something of an Internet sensation. Hayes managed to undermine his own mines with pages of profane ramblings…

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2 thoughts on “Sex changes and EPA wrapped up in atrazine war”

  1. These clowns are going to make food so expensive that we are going to have starving people as a result of massive over regulation. Soon we will be importing wheat and other grains so that Tyrone can have his moment of fame. NSF needs to fund someone to repeat his experiments as they did with the Hormone disruptor stuff and the tissue culture mouse skin transplant.

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