SciAm: Man-made climate change ‘began 3,500 years ago’

“Humans may have been causing climate change for much longer than we’ve been burning fossil fuels. In fact, the agrarian revolution may have started human-induced climate changes long before the industrial revolution began to sully the skies.”

Australian Climate Madness reports:

From The Science is Settled Department comes news that man may have been affecting the climate for far longer than the last 40 years or so. From Scientific American, so you’ll have to wade through the alarmist phraseology:..

Read the entire report.

8 thoughts on “SciAm: Man-made climate change ‘began 3,500 years ago’”

  1. Dude, I made the mistake of attempting to parody the alarmists. I should have known that they are well past parody at this point. I apologize.

  2. I have absolutely no doubt that Man has marginally affected the climate of Earth. Clearly land use changes affect albedo as well as heat capacity, humidity, etc. of certain expanses of ground, and I agree that there is theoretical basis for a small driving of temperature by CO2. But there is a much bigger actor in this equation: good ol’ Sol, and we are only now realizing the ways that monster fusion machine we revolve about affects our environment. Within the next two decades, the CAGW alarmists will be thoroughly discredited as a result of the fortuitous weak solar cycles coming up. After that, we will be able to get back to real science.

  3. I PRAYED for you, “justa Joe”. I feel your statement is absurd, because the grass would not CARE whether man…an animal…or the wind…had bent that blade of grass. But IF…you are a Globalist-Commu-fascist, you’ve deluded yourself, imo, before even a single blade of grass was bent, in any way. We’re talking PROBABILITIES, and it is IMPROBABLE…. that a bent grass blade could have ANY effect, –EVER, on the Whole of the Earth, but if you THINK it has import, just image how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

  4. You have to have “guilt” and “dependency”, and with the Globalist-warmists you could have both for plenty of control of you & yours. I also feel they wish to demoralize populations with huge doses of “Illogic,” and predatory regulations,–which involve huge taxes/fines if you offend.

  5. So… we need to quit producing CO2, and to quit farming as well. Amazing how activists are against, basically, everything at all. Not surprising, though.

  6. There was a “little-ice-age” in Europe, that could NOT have occured if man was steadily warming the planet for 3500 years. Back to the drawing-boards, Globalist-warmers, and Shame, shame, on you!

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