Scauzillo: Who created most environmental laws? Republicans.

Of course, had Nixon, Reagan and Bush had any idea of how the laws they signed would be abused to the detriment of the nation…

Steve Scauzillo writes in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

So Newt Gingrich walked into South El Monte this past week and said we should do away with the EPA. Newt, who is a student of American government, had better check his history…

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5 thoughts on “Scauzillo: Who created most environmental laws? Republicans.”

  1. Additionally, they do the Left’s bidding in hopes the Left will like them.
    It’s like the establishment Republicans had social difficulties in
    adolescence, so are now willing to do anything to get Lefties to like them.
    Monumental FAIL.

  2. They always assumed that their intent was clear and that the power would only be used for good. With that misconception, they gave broad power and placed no limits on it (e.g., see the law that permitted the Supreme Court to makes it decison about the responsibility of the EPA to regulate CO2). Cast it back into the fires of Mt. Doom from whence it came.

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