Roger Stone: Frack We Must

“The next time you see a sign that reads ‘No Fracking,’ translate into English – ‘No Jobs, No Heat, No Power – and No Future.'”

Roger Stone writes at

As the price of oil shoots through the roof because of political instability, and the inability of the Obama Administration to say yes to Canadian oil and thousands of jobs, we have to turn to other energy sources. Fortunately, there’s a cleaner and safer opportunity in natural gas right here in the United States.

But some Chicken Littles in the environmental panic industry are preventing people from heating their homes and driving up the cost of electricity, while simultaneously denying needed jobs in the worst unemployment in decades. They claim to have found environmental damage in the process to retrieve the gas from shale deposits – called hydraulic fracturing, but the short answer is they’re wrong. The long answer is that they’re really fracking wrong: hydraulic fracturing is safer, cleaner, and cheaper than any of our current alternatives; and that’s just what’s scares these pseudo-scientists…

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  1. I am an experienced petroleum geologist and from my experience fracking is fairly safe. I will stick my neck out and say that some areas that are being developed for shale gas may be more prone to ground water pollution due to the existance of natural fractures that cut across formations. These fractures can be sealed with mineralization and they can also be open right to the surface because of tectonic stresses. Over time the gas that is in the rocks adjacent to these open fractures will bleed out very slowly and the system will become stable. A system like this will stay this way and a land owner will not have any detectable gas in their drinking water. When a well is drilled nearby and is fracked with large volumes of propant and treated water, the induced fractures can intersect the natural fractures and provide a pathway for frack fluid as well as gas to make its way into the aquifer. The only way to avoid this problem is to gain a thorough understanding of the tectonic history of the area through the use of siesmic, core studies, and the study of local outcrops for fracture patterns. Having done all this work will still not guarantee the possibility of ground water pollution. It is time to end the angry rhetoric on both sidesof this issue and take a hard look at the facts.

  2. You’re all greenies. People who favor oil, gas or coal over nuclear power, regardless of how the former are extracted, are greenies, because the former are piddle-power compared to nuclear power. People who favor anything other than nuclear power over oil, coal and gas are greenies, for the same reason. (If the price of nuclear power is higher, it’s because we live in a plantation system, and it costs more to supervise slaves who use nuclear power, and if we don’t fight to end slavery, wind and solar power will soon be cheaper than coal, oil or gas, because the latter will be more expensive than an equal mass of heroin or cocaine, because anyone even suspected of using, distributing or possessing even one gram of coal, oil or gas will be subject to assassination by Obama’s drones, while Obama supplies weapons to drug lords!). Piddle-power means you make more people work longer and harder, and also generate more pollution, to get the same or less work done.

    Greenies generally object to getting work done because they expect slaves to do it for them, and they are afraid to trust their slaves, even under totally paranoid police-state supervision, with powerful tools and abundant, powerful fuel. The trouble with this approach to managing humanity is that it leads to humanity’s extinction. The alternative: power consumption per capita, productivity and the population grow exponentially, and we learn how to use the Moon, Mars, other planets, the Sun (not sunlight, but the fusion process!) and other stars for power, materials and living space. Visit

  3. What a load of trash! How about: No flaming tap water, no people being poisoned by their tap water, no fracking earthquakes! You don’t have much of a future if your dead!

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