RINO Ohio AG helps demonize fracking

Mike DeWine should come out of his RINO closet.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports:

Ohio’s top law enforcer is advocating increased environmental sanctions on polluters in the oil and gas industry and required disclosures of the chemicals used in the drilling technique called fracking that would be among the toughest in the nation.

In a Wednesday interview with The Associated Press, Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine called for hiking civil penalties to $10,000 a day from the current maximum of $20,000 per incident. That would bring fines in line with states such as Pennsylvania, Colorado and Texas…

One thought on “RINO Ohio AG helps demonize fracking”

  1. DeWine ONLY has to REQUIRE that fracking in Ohio, be done by LPG-injection. NO water is used, therefore NO water is contaminated, therefore, no political “grandstanding” is possible as NO fines will be levied. As the gas industry “takes-off” I don’t see many compaign contributions to the Ohio Attorney Gen, if he’s going to “beat-up” on the gas drillers, now faced with declining revenues due to there being SO MUCH gas available. LPG injection might make it easy for other state’s to adopt, removing some EPA objections, allowing a “Recovery” of sorts. Probably DeWine will get the “credit” for such a requirement, and, the adaptation of that process by other states.

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