Revkin Finds Journalism Religion AFTER Posting Fraudulent Document

So-called “Deniergate” will actually further wreck the alarmist cause.

Read the Heartland post.

Don’t forget to read the Revkin e-mails from Climategate 2.0:

3 thoughts on “Revkin Finds Journalism Religion AFTER Posting Fraudulent Document”

  1. To his credit, Revkin does answer the emails I send him, I’ve exchanged a few with him since Oct 2009, and I suggested to him earlier today that he may be in a similar kind of position that hard-line Nixon supporters found themselves in right before the resignation, when the pile of evidence got too high. I see chinks in Revkins’ armor appearing, and I asked him a couple of tough questions once again about what happens if it turns out that the long-term smear of skeptic scientists turns out to by more than just unsupportable.

    Unlike other AGW promoters who lash out at such questions or go deaf, I think he does hear and understand them.

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