Penn State defies Facebook campaign calling for it to drop climate lecture

“University cites its First Amendment commitment in supporting its climate scientist Michael Mann’s right to give lecture.”

The Guardian reports,

In an uncharacteristically angry post at the New York Times’s Dot Earth blog, Andy Revkin has hit out at a “shameful attack on free speech”. It relates to a Facebook campaign which is calling on Pennsylvania State University to “disinvite” Professor Michael E. Mann, the director of its Earth System Science Center, from giving a lecture next week entitled: “Confronting the Climate Change Challenge”…

Read the entire Guardian report.

Andy Revkin, of course, is one of Mann’s fellow Climategaters:

4 thoughts on “Penn State defies Facebook campaign calling for it to drop climate lecture”

  1. The last attendance at a Mann public appearance was so meager that he blamed the lack of attendance on cold weather. Let’s see how many turn out for this one.

  2. Will they have the same attitude for Free Speech when Right Wingers or Conservatives wish to have THEIR contoverisal or RELIGIOUS speakers on campus?! How about someone speaking against abortion or Homoseuxuality?!?!

  3. Yeppers, deniers feel free to shout their own ignorance while muzzling scientists who are telling the truth!

  4. If Mann wants to continue to make an ass of himself, then let him. If somebody asks how he put the Hockey stick graph together, they may see that its crap

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