Penn. RINO moves to strip ANWR language from highway bill

Pennsylvania RINO Rep. Jim Gerlach interferes with drilling in Alaska.

Environment and Energy Daily reports:

A Pennsylvania Republican yesterday offered an amendment to yank language in the House’s highway bill that allows oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The proposal would set up the first up-or-down vote on drilling in the 19-million-acre Alaskan reserve in roughly five years.

The proposal by Rep. Jim Gerlach, a Pennsylvania moderate who has voted against proposals to drill in the refuge in the past, would strip the largest revenue-generator of the three energy bills that are included in House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) H.R. 7, a key funding element of the transportation package..

2 thoughts on “Penn. RINO moves to strip ANWR language from highway bill”

  1. His faulty logic is mind boggling. For what reason other than pandering to an enviro voter block would he do something such as this???

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