Pacific Institute hires firm for ‘independent’ investigation, new boss

We’d prefer the FBI handle the investigation. reports:

The Pacific Institute has posted a new statement to its website, saying the board is hiring an independent firm to investigate the actions and allegations surrounding its founder, Peter Gleick, who admitted last week to using deception in order to obtain documents from the Heartland Institute.

Gleick requested a temporary leave of absence over the weekend and the board has nominated Elena Schmid, an independent consultant, to head the organization on an interim basis. According to a bio from the Pacific Institute, Schmid has worked at California Independent System Operator, “focusing on policy, communications, and human resources for this corporation that manages the high voltage transmission lines for California,” and at the California Public Utilities Commission, “developing policies, programs, projects, and budgets that resulted in active representation of long-term consumer interests in telecommunications, gas, water, and electric industries”…

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One thought on “Pacific Institute hires firm for ‘independent’ investigation, new boss”

  1. How do you hire a new employee and expect them to be ‘independent’? And, being a consultant, what would she rather have on her resume? ‘Exposed pattern of corruption in client’ or ‘Successfully defended client against claims of climate skeptics’? The fix is in.

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