Oil production in US skyrockets

“But for the near future, man’s need for energy means that oil will still be the lifeblood of civilization.”

Rich Moran writes at American Thinker:

This is one of those articles that, after your read it, your eyes are bugging out of your head.

An incredible oil boom is underway, destroying the government’s measely estimates for production and getting the US to the point where we will soon challenge Saudi Arabia for the world’s biggest producer…

Read the entire report.

One thought on “Oil production in US skyrockets”

  1. The oil in tar sans (now oil sands) and in shale were known at least since the seventies. But oil would have to rise to $40 a barrel to be economic. Ed Teller wanted to frack shale with atom bombs. One was actually set off. Peak Oil held up, we just got stupendously richer.

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