Obama Rulemaker: $25B Outweighed by Benefits

That would be imaginary benefits.

Bloomberg reports:

Regulations approved by President Barack Obama over the first 32 months of his term cost businesses an estimated $25 billion, more than double the total of each of his two predecessors, according to White House data…

The administration said the benefits of its regulations outweigh the costs by $116 billion so far, according to the figures from an unreleased White House report provided to Bloomberg. Judging regulations by cost alone doesn’t take into account the economic benefits of healthier children, safer roads or fewer industrial accidents…

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3 thoughts on “Obama Rulemaker: $25B Outweighed by Benefits”

  1. WHY?,,,,WHY!…WHY dear Lord did i bother to read this obama justification crap .. saving a life worth $8 mil? .. how ’bout all the co2 created by a lengthened life? how ’bout the diminishing effect on our natural resources? how ’bout the pain in my ass brought on by these lame, inane justifications… damn! .. COME ON NOVEMBER!…

  2. Eliminating old regulations saved money and implementing new regulations saved money. Obviously we have a regulatory perpetual money machine here. Brilliant!

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