NY Post: EPA is hurting jobless youth

“Instead of more drilling, which brings more job opportunities for locals — like the nearly 20 percent of unemployed youth — you get delays and more delays which means that economic activity and opportunity are lost.”

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The New York Post editorializes,

New unemployment numbers will be released today, so it seems an opportune moment to look at a small part of the jobless story, those who are young and unemployed. The Bureau of Labor statistics defines youth as those 16-24 and according to their data the national unemployment rate for this cohort is 18 percent. Want to know where it is even worse to be young if you need a job? Try rural Pennsylvania where the jobless rate among the young beats the national average by a point to 19 percent.

Wait just a minute, there. You are thinking to yourself, isn’t there a huge natural gas boom going on in rural Pennsylvania? Shouldn’t the unemployment rate be lower in areas where there is a great economic opportunity? After all, there are stories from North Dakota, which has a very low unemployment rate, about high school drop outs who don’t have a place to live but are working hard and earning well — as much as $100,000 from oil and gas operations there. So why would the same not be happening in rural Pennsylvania?…

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