Lindzen: Alarmists tell ‘lies’ that have ‘consequences for society’

We’re surprised Juliet Eilperin put this comment in her report.

About her interview with Richard Lindzen about “Deniergate,” Eilperin reported:

… Richard Lindzen, an atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has questioned whether climate change will cause effects as severe as some predict, said he has been struck by “the viciousness” of his opponents. But Lindzen feels obligated to keep questioning what Gleick and others say about climate change impact “because they’re lies, it’s that simple. What would you do if people were truly misrepresenting things, and it has consequences for society?”

4 thoughts on “Lindzen: Alarmists tell ‘lies’ that have ‘consequences for society’”

  1. Today is February 22 is the anniversary of Galileo’s paper in 1632 that claimed the sun was the center of the solar system announced on Public Radio. One year later he was convicted of heresy, renounced his proclamation, and spent the rest of his life in house arrest. Galileo was fighting against consences just as CAGW advocates are claiming today. The Catholic Church at that time had better tools to change your mind than we have at present today to change skeptics opinions. Burning at the stake is not fun. Most certainly for the past ten years I have been following the CAGW controversy, their advocates have been publishing dire consequences for the skeptics.

    I have long thought how much was the world damaged by Galileo trial. Not much; maybe advances in astronomy would have been delayed a few years.

    But ask how much has the world been damaged by CAGW advocates. It has to be in the trillions of dollars so far. If they could win, future history would place our near future similar to the Dark Ages in Europe. Fast abandoning our abundant fossil fuels will forever consign the poor to poverty and death and place those who benefit from fossil fuels today on a path to poverty. It is easy to say you are CAGW advocate; but all are ignorant of the consequences.

  2. It is said that a change in CO2 levels from 400 parts per million to 500 parts per million will result in an increase in global average temperature of 0.8 deg. C

    The CO2 change is 1 part in 10,000. If the global average temperature is 20 deg.C, the temperature increase is 0.8 parts in 293, as absolute zero is –273 deg.K. This is 27 parts in 10,000, i.e a 1 part in 10,000 change in CO2 results in a 27 parts in 10,000 change in global average temperature, caused by a gas that is only 5% of the insulating gases.

    I put this point to the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the Uk and the answer was essentially “This is what the models predict”. Does it seem likely to you?
    John Urwin

  3. I do not know if the CO2 fraud is the greatest ever in the history of science. But, it has been a fraud that has diverted and wasted more financial resources from the world population than any other. The advocates have hampered, slowed, and in some cases stopped the development of fossil fuel in Africa — while millions live in the worst of poverty stricken conditions — cooking meals over dried dung as their fuel souce. As pointed out by the late author Robert Crichton “Every day 30,000 people on this planet die of the diseases of poverty. A third of the planet doesn’t have electricity. We have a billion people with no clean water. We have half a billion people going tpo bed hungary every night. Do we care about this?. It seems that we don’t. It seems that we would rather look a hundred years into the future than pay attention to what is going on now.”

    This is the real tragedy of the fraud that needs to be exposed. Crichton and Richard Lindzen debated three advocates in a small debate in NYC in 2007 and won that debate. We need a nationally televised debate soon that
    reveals all the dimensions of this tragedy. See EXPOSURE at

  4. Will Mann refund me the money that I am forced to pay up front for his pet project, if his predictions don’t come true?

    Somehow I doubt he will offer a refund to anyone.

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