Landsbaum: Global-warming skeptics gaining upper hand

“Enter Fred Singer, deflater of things alarming: ‘If there is no warming between 1978-2000, then IPCC’s case collapses, and so do all policies built on the IPCC conclusion.'”

Mark Landsbaum writes in the Orange County Register:

For quite some time, S. Fred Singer waged a quixotic campaign fighting windmills, so to speak. He disputed the claims of global warming alarmists that mankind is dangerously overheating the Earth, a claim that, not so coincidentally, gave a big boost to the windmill industry, to bring our metaphor full circle.

Singer admittedly doesn’t have Al Gore’s science credentials. He’s never won an Oscar for narrating a Powerpoint movie chock full of errors.

Rather, Singer is professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, with an engineering degree from Ohio State and Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University. He has about a half century of research and published works in atmospheric and space physics. He also is founder and president of the Science & Environmental Policy Project, where “we work without salaries and are not beholden to anyone or any organization,” and don’t solicit government or industry support, relying instead on contributions from individuals and foundations…

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3 thoughts on “Landsbaum: Global-warming skeptics gaining upper hand”

  1. A simple equation calculates the entire temperature trajectory (since accurately measured) with an accuracy of 88%. When calibrated to measurements prior to 1990, it has predicted temperatures since then with a standard deviation of less than 0.1C. Google “Verification of Natural Climate Change” to discover what works.

  2. Jek, while I concur with your comment and observations I can only say that I have become a compleat skeptic with regards to ever getting America back on track and slashing away to evil tendrils of fascist Nanny State bureaucracy. I’m afraid we’re well and truly boned.

  3. Let’s just HOPE that Truth,–real scientific data, retains the “upper-hand” rather than absurd (for science) “consensus”. MONEY was a big motivator from those behind the warmists, because they thought they could get “broke-countries” to buy-into the Fraud of PAYING for CO2 and “carbon credits”, making “something” out of “nothing”. If such, “took-off”, ALGORE would have been a Billionaire-trouble-maker,imo, rather than a multi-millionaire Pluto-crat-Bore,imo,–all paid for, by you & I. POWER…and Globalist’s Thirst for it, also figured into all of this, because they evisioned the March to World Soviet-style Socio-Fascism, PAID FOR, with the Frauds of paying for carbon & CO2, and they STILL have, a Huge “water-carrier” in the criminally corrupt(imo) EPA. The EPA, which is REGULATING this country to DEATH,ECONOMIC-LY (–secretly,imo, under Bilderberger ORDERS, which Nobama doesn’t oppose, and, publicly, due to IPCC and other warmist departments/assumptions/assertions underlying EPA regulation$)! Congress has tried to “handle” the EPA, but it is difficult to control an arm of the Executive that has a President that realizes he will DO, ANYTHING, imo, to preserve our economic-devolution,imo, because he & his party hope to Benefit from our misery. That’s what THEY think–that Nobama can:–DUMP all his Keysian-mis-cues, from business-Neophyte Ivory-tower-ites, (who have NEVER run businesses), and, his fierce Anti-business EPA depredations, on the Dead, tired, beaten, “goat” of “Blame Bush!”. Aside from the coming Vote-tabulation Scandal, imo, {to gain Nobama another term in 2012 due to machinations from Clintonista-Spain(–seemingly “payback” for the “Splendid Little War”?)}, hopefully, this fall, the Congress will be in the hands of the Republicans, and hopefully, they will do their “duty” and clamp-down on the EPA, –its Fiats(–apologies to Chrysler), and their Commie-apparacheks–in the EPA,–at the State Dept, and elsewhere in the Maze of Govt. Bureaus..

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