John Moore: Nonsensus at 99%

But you don’t need to be a pro-alarmist-government-funded researcher to be able to read a graph.

In “A peek into the climate denier industry”, Toronto radio talk show host John Moore writes in the National Post:

… Here’s the reality: Of the 200 most significant climate scientists in the world, precisely two dissent on the consensus theory of climate change. But the media has been bullied into presenting the issue as a he-said, she-said affair. And so in a public debate on the issue, you end up with a quarrel between an internationally respected scientist and a blogger who quotes Ayn Rand…

Read the screed.

Click for “The Nonsensus: 97% to 98% of climate scientists believe in global warming?”

2 thoughts on “John Moore: Nonsensus at 99%”

  1. It’s a real revelation that 198 of the top 200 climate scientist on Moore’s list believe that climate change is real. Who doesn’t believe in climate change, and why would 2 not believe in climate change. It’s global warming that hasn’t occurred in 15 years in spite of increased CO2 levels that is the real issue, and does man create a tipping point burning fossil fuels. It doesn’t appear the models being used are at all accurate to forecast temperature rise, so perhaps a little more scientific inquiry is required before we allow the worlds energy sector to be put in the hands of a few dishonest carbon traders.

  2. How can this editorial discuss the recent Heartland Institute break-in, and fail to mention Peter Gleick? Nasty piece of work.

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