Gleick hires top Democrat crisis manager Chris Lehane

We would have thought good defense counsel was in order…, oh right, the Obama FBI doesn’t see his conduct as a crime.

The Guardian reports:

…In a sign of combat to come, Gleick has taken on Chris Lehane, a top Democratic operative and crisis manager. Lehane, who worked in the Clinton White House, is credited for exposing the rightwing forces arrayed against the Democratic president. He was Al Gore’s press secretary during his 2000 run for the White House…

Read the entire report.

Click for “Obama FBI: Stealing Heartland docs not a crime.”

2 thoughts on “Gleick hires top Democrat crisis manager Chris Lehane”

  1. And here I thought that that “climate science” was a purely scientific, unalloyed, and non-partisan undertaking. I’m so surprised. Next you’ll be telling me that the Pacific Institute has a left wing agenda.

  2. So, he’s a news fabricator? I don’t remember any “rightwing forces arrayed” against anyone to be exposed.

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