Fracking Melodrama in Ohio: ‘Unable to sleep at night because injections wells too close’?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich received anti-fracking Valentines yesterday.

ONN-TV (Columbus) reports:

Several Ohio families gathered in Columbus Tuesday with Valentines in hand to discuss how much they dislike fracking, reported ONN’s Stephanie Mennecke.

“We have to say what is in our heart. We are unable to sleep at night because these injection wells are close to our lands,” Erin Renee Ripple of Amesville said.

Athens resident Sarah Conley said that she is worried the livelihood of local farmers will be jeopardized.

“They can stay on their farms and grow us good food rather than them having to sell their property because their land is being polluted because of the fracking practices. It’s scary to us,” Conley said…

Read the entire report.

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