Five Points About Global Warming

“We come not to kick AGW in the ribs, but to bury it.”


1. Um, How To Put This: It Isn’t Actually, Well, Warming…

2. Maybe It’s Not The Carbon Dioxide. Maybe It’s The Orbital Wobble…

​3. Heard About That Nifty Climate-Controlling Molecule?..

4. Cutting Carbon Emissions Will Lead To An Ice Age. Smart Cambridge University Guys Say So…

5. Remember All That Ice Age Scare Stuff From The 1970s? Time For Recycling…

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4 thoughts on “Five Points About Global Warming”

  1. What, believe science bought and paid for by industry? The very same ones that distort all the debates, exactly like they did in the debate over the dangers of tobacco. When it comes from a credible source, fine!

  2. GreggM; why don’t you take some time and actually research the data? There is so much actual data that refutes your seemingly ingrained belief on this subject.
    Are you one of those people who’s mind is made up and and the rest of us shouldn’t bother trying to give you the actual facts?
    Answer this Gregg… How is CO2 causing temperature to rise when it follows temperature rise by about 800 years? Why do CO2 levels stay elevated for hundreds of years after temperatures drop?

  3. Gee, so CO2 has increased by 50 % in a little over 100 years, is a proven greenhouse gas but since this person says its not to blame, it’s not to blame! Now that’s real science!!!

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