Fed. court to decide whether SeaWorld killer whales are slaves

“This is the first time a court has ever considered whether the 13th Amendment applies to the [orcas].”

MSNBC reports:

The stars of SeaWorld were the main attraction in federal court Monday.

The animal rights group PETA filed their official complaint against SeaWorld Inc. on Oct. 6, 2011, for allegedly violating the 13th Amendment rights of killer whales, or orcas.

Monday, a federal judge heard the case. The judge did not dismiss the case — instead, he took it under submission. It is not yet known when he will send PETA his decision…

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13 thoughts on “Fed. court to decide whether SeaWorld killer whales are slaves”

  1. Buranello’s post is extreme in tone but I can’t find anything wrong in it. If you had told me in 1973 (when I bought my first house) that my real estate taxes this year would be over $1,000 per month I would have thought you were crazy. That’s more than my first mortgage payment. Ditto if you told me that teachers would make $65,000 and be unhappy with that. Or that the high schools that spend this money would be more impressive than a small college of those days. It is takings.

  2. Maybe we should ask if we are slaves before we start on highly strained questions of animals being legal persons and therefore in posession of rights they could not possibly understand. Do you own your own income? Not with an open ended fedral income tax that has the government deciding how much of your income they let you keep while masquerading as civil servants. Do you own your own home? Not with property tax that is in effect protection money to let you stay there, lest the government throw you out and replace you with someone else who will pay them whatever amount they say you owe. Can you own a weapon? Well, so far, yes, but only with the Master’s permission, that with another Supreme Court could end abruptly. If you are male (despite a 14th Amendment that says we are all equal before the law) you must register for the draft. What part of being drafted (despite the 13th Amendment that still allows slavery/involuntary servitude to the government but supposedly only for punishment of crimes) doesn’t sound like slavery? In short we are the slaves because we are too stupid to know we are the slaves.

    As for funding elections, I have the only real answer, and it won’t cost a dime. NO funding for elections, even your own money, let alone pressure groups who then own elected officials. The news media can cover the elections by giving everyone who is on the ballot equal time. Problem solved.

  3. I have no problem with Corporations as a “fictional” person on order to sign contracts etc. but when an activist supreme court decides they have the same rights as a person and with the case Citizens United defines money = free speech and allows them to spend unlimited sums of money in anonymous PACs, I have a problem! The are not just a person but a supremely privileged person. There is no death penalty for a corporation (BP got away with negligent homicide for the 13 real people who died because they cut corners and used substandard blow out protectors) and no corporate banksters but Madoff have gone to jail from fraudulent foreclosures and stealing billions from real people!
    I looked up the definition of a corporation ” a social organization to socialize the risks of investors so that they will not lose more than they invested”! Too funny, a corporation is a “socialist organization” by definition!

  4. Are SeaWorld orcas slaves? Are SeaWorld orcas “people” or “corporations”? I guess it all depends on their portfolios and their dental plan.
    Seriously though, what happens to animals in zoos if liberal judge decides orcas are “slaves”? Are they also “slaves”? Do they even have the concept of “slavery”? Are you “murdering” microbes everytime you use Listerine? Are antibiotics “genocide”?
    Orcas are not human. They are animals. I’m not so sure which the Petaphiles are. I do know they are slaves to stupidity.

  5. GreggM, corporations must be persons to function as intended. That is, they must be able to contract, to sue, etc. This is not a new concept, it is the foundation for capitalism, the growth engine for all modern economies. The idea that corporations would have no rights (for example, not be able to enter into contracts, or limit the liabilities of its equity owners) is absurd. Why is it that this is so controversial with leftys? What is the alternative?

  6. From the Supreme Court you people packed with wackos, from your favorite candidate, Mitt, “corporations are people too my friend”. Are you really that poorly informed

  7. Humans keep them in captivity against their will, and treat them like slaves, maybe they should decide for them!

  8. GreggM, where do you get this idea that corporations are people? Can you point me to it? You read or heard (on Comedy Channel) that corporations are persons. Do you know the difference?

  9. “Personhood” MUST be defined by a reference to something human, or, as Henry so astutely points out, we all end up on greggy’s side of the looking glass.

  10. If animals are “people” with rights, then one animal eating another animal is murder. Good luck ever getting back on the right side of the looking glass. First off, it sure would stop the wolf re-introduction program in its tracks. PETA need to be careful what they ask for — they might get it.

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