English: Utah E-Cigarette Ban Based On Junk Science

“‘With tobacco cigarettes a user generally knows how much nicotine is being consumed. … When it comes to an electronic cigarette, you just don’t know …’ This is also entirely false.”

Cameron English writes at PolicyMic:

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) are not popular among politicians. Several states have tried to regulate or tax the smoking alternatives in some way, and now legislators in Utah are attempting to prohibit e-cig “vaping” in the same public spaces where smoking is outlawed. The legislation (HB245) is undoubtedly meant to promote public health, but it’s also unnecessary and based on junk science.

This issue has already been discussed at length, and there’s no need to be too repetitive. But let’s look briefly at the arguments the bill’s proponents are making in favor of the public ban on e-cigs…

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