‘Culture of Ignorance’? Newark Star-Ledger contributes to it on Heartland, Kochs

Amid its glee at Heartland’s misfortune, the Newark Star-Ledger worries that “The danger in this culture of skepticism is that it will become a ‘culture of ignorance.'”

The Newark Star-Ledger editorializes:

…Among the leaked secrets is proof that the oil-rich Koch brothers (who have backed climate-denier Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign) donated $200,000 to the Heartland Institute in 2011 and had given before…

The “oil rich Koch brothers” made no such donation.

In 2011, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation donated $25,000 to Heartland (about 0.5% of the group’s budget) for its health care efforts.

The Heartland documents indicate that it hoped to get $200,000 from the Foundation in 2012 — again, for a health care project.

If there is a “culture of ignorance,” the Star-Ledger’s editors just contributed to it.

Read the screed.

4 thoughts on “‘Culture of Ignorance’? Newark Star-Ledger contributes to it on Heartland, Kochs”

  1. The Star Ledger editorial is based on the supposition that oil interests finance anti-science propaganda against global warming and propels the anti-science reaction to climate change education.. But then the editorial says:
    “That’s the same pseudoscience that leads parents to opt out of vaccinations…”
    The anti-vaccination tragedy did not come from propaganda by commercial interests. Nor did the other anti-science phenomena as Mr. Caswell’s comment above points out. The Star-Ledger editorial falsified its own hypothesis. Nothing is more anti=science than that.

    Rational argument does not start with the conclusion.
    As I understand it, the great bulk of Climate Change science assumes global warming and then speculates about consequences from it. The paper that shows current temperatures are markedly high than any other over the past 1000 years has been completely discredited in my opinion. And there is no accessible reason for a 3 to 1 amplification of cloud effects. It comes out of computer models.

  2. Funny how people talk about anti-science and culture of ignorance. But it is all my card carrying environmentalist friends that keep posting the anti-vaccine, anti-microwave, anti-chemical, anti- civilization garbage over and over. I doubt they ever fact-checked a single article in their lives and it shows.

  3. Do they not have mirrors at the Newark Star-Ledger? ‘Culture of ignorance’ will be the epitaph on these Warmists tombstones. Unbelievable.

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