CNN: Could toxic chemical be source of tics in NY town?

Erin Crockovich strikes again.

CNN reports:

Trichloroethene (TCE) has become a chemical of interest after environmental activist Erin Brockovich suggested that the derailment of a train carrying chemicals 41 years ago could be involved in the mysterious illness striking 16 people, mostly high school students in New York.

Brockovich’s team was dispatched to the Le Roy Junior/Senior High School, in Le Roy, New York, this week to collect water and soil samples. The school is more than three miles from the train wreck site, but some worry that the school was built in 2006 with contaminated supplies. The school district has called the speculation a “distraction” and a “publicity stunt”…

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One thought on “CNN: Could toxic chemical be source of tics in NY town?”

  1. Spoken like the enemy of people you really are! No toxin is too dangerous for people. Your attitude that “If they get sick from contaminants, that’s just too bad” stinks. How many bodies do you need to prove that people are being hurt by this contaminant?

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