Cattlemen: EPA questioned on CAFO reporting rule

Stampede the EPA! reports:

Ellen Gilinsky with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faced a roomful of cattlemen and women at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s annual convention held in Nashville, Tenn. Gilinsky, who serves as a senior policy advisor to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, received questions regarding the proposed Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 308 CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) Reporting Rule. The center of concern stems from what was referred to as a serious overreach of EPA’s authority. NCBA Deputy Environmental Counsel Ashley Lyon said the proposed rule could put the nation’s food system at risk of increased terrorist attacks.

“EPA should pull this rule. The agency needs to redirect its focus to working with states and other partners to attain already publicly available information that would allow them to work toward their goal of improved water quality,” said Lyon. “This can be done in a way that does not put our food system at increased risk”…

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6 thoughts on “Cattlemen: EPA questioned on CAFO reporting rule”

  1. Well, if the thought of a whole lot of cattle wastes in your ground water tickles your fancy, why don’t you let them frack under the cattle pens? Bet there’s a whole lotta methane there!

  2. Tell you what, how about we ship all the waste from one CAFO to your front yard! Then see how you like it. It really won’t smell like a rose.

  3. CAFOs are regulated, in some cases highly regulated. This issue with the CWA is they are attempting to regulate beyond their authority – i.e., they are authorized to regulate discharges not potential discharges.

    There is active enforcement at CAFOs and EPA has stated that CAFOs are one of their top priorities.

  4. How would I like one in MY backyard?? I wouldn’t sell them my backyard to put it in!!!!

    On the other hand, ever had a chicken ranch or turkey ranch in your neighborhood? I had both!!

    The EPA is a Federal Organization. The Interstate Commerce Clause was NEVER intended to handle this type of activity. It is NOT a legal organization no matter how many activist Judges ignore or pass on it. If the state wants to interfere that is another issue. You too could end up like we in California with the one of the richest states in resources and area and the MOST IN DEBT DUE TO THIS INSANE GUBMINT MEDDLING!!!!! Interestingly we STILL have feed lots! Appraently there aren’t enough Vegans in the state to overide those who want cheap beef and those profiting from it!!

  5. Anyone who has driven within 50 miles of a CAFO operation knows just how bad they smell and the amount of concentrated wastes they create is amazing. How would you like one in YOUR backyard? The EPA not only can but should regulate these guys. They don’t have the right to contaminate everyone elses air and water to make a buck, any more than any other industry! Perhaps tax breaks might be put in place so that they will not be hurt financially while they operate cleaner?

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