British Parliament hears devastating testimony from Lindzen on global warming hoax

“This renewed debate in Parliament represents a significant shift in the balance of power against the eco-fanatics.”

Jerry Schmidt reports at American Thinker:

James Delingpole of The Telegraph reports that the British Parliament heard devastating testimony overturning the global warming hoax from MIT’s Richard Lindzen who is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. Prof. Lindzen sounded the alarm early over the systematic subversion of Climate Sciences in North America and Europe by a cabal centered around Al Gore and the UN’s Maurice Strong.

The Telegraph has published Prof. Lindzen’s presentation here as the House of Commons undertakes to “Reconsider the Climate Change Act” — the provisions of which have decimated the British economy. America’s hapless Republicans somehow are unable to organize an effective political debate over global warming hysteria that is affecting everything from Solyndra to the Keystone Pipeline– even though I’m sure Prof. Lindzen is available to testify before Congress. This renewed debate in Parliament represents a significant shift in the balance of power against the eco-fanatics…

Read the entire report (w/links).

Click for Lindzen’s testimony.

7 thoughts on “British Parliament hears devastating testimony from Lindzen on global warming hoax”

  1. There needs to be a debate in Parliament; perhaps first, a nationally televised debate throughout the U.K. to show the average citizen just how fast this false CO2 warming theory is taking the country down financially.

    The same form of national debate is needed in the USA. I have written a fictional version of such a debate in 2012. I am not a “skeptic.” As a former advocate and scientist working in this field, I have turned into an “informed
    scientist who has studied both sides”. Lindzen was one of the first of these informed scientists; many thousands of others have followed him as I have. With a fully exposed national debate, the fossil fuel warming theory would come crashing down — it has been defeated in every dimension that counts (historical data, modern data, CO2 absorption theory, theoretical considerations, the poor models, the false hysteria, and the carbon-offsetters
    exposed) — except one — the media has still fooled the general public. Push for the national televised debate! Read EXPOSURE at or via Amazon.

  2. A correction is in order.

    Lindzen gave a presentation at a public meeting that was hosted in a House of Commons committee room (Committee Room 10). The event was organized by an independent pressure group called “Repeal the Climate Change Act” ( The facilities at the Houses of Parliament were booked by Sammy Wilson MP for East Antrim (which as an MP is his right []). The claim that this was a presentation made to Parliament false and there has been no new debate in Parliament as a result of this public meeting.

  3. Amen to abolishing the EPA.

    Don’t forget the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and a bunch of other departments that harm our nation.

  4. It is time to start prosecuting and punishing all these self-serving pseudo scientists who have taken taxpayer funding and lied about global warming….Abolish the entire EPA for a start…

  5. I would rank Prof. Lindzen as one of the most credible voices in the field of climate science. What you get from this man are the facts as he believes them, with no hysteria. Just a straight talking professional.

  6. So there is no significant global-warming, and if there was, it could only partially be due to man-made sources. Also, even though CO2 has doubled in some areas, less than one degree of temperature is produced, therefore, CO2 is NOT a place to put one’s “global-warming-cap.” Therefore, “carbon-capture”, and Carbon sequestration are both, UN-necessary, as is a “Cap & Tax”. So we don’t have to drive toward “green” energy production, so countries like Great Britain can cease “worrying” about where it is going to get the FUNDING to raise all of those Ughly, Shreiking, Moaning, bird-chopping windmills. I…”knew” the basic-stuff, but not the specifics, but I also realize that ALGORE & MO’STRONG are both rabid-Globalists that wanted the warmist-hoax to take-off, so they would be personally enriched, and their Globalist agenda of World Governance would be advanced. Also, Germany, can relax and build new nuclear plants, using the safe, “Thorium”, as there will be, NO, Tsunamis hitting the German coast on the Baltic-side, unless parts of Norway/Sweden slide into the Baltic. Of course any plant could have a “curtain-wall” that Fukishima should have had and didn’t. I feel vindicated. Now, how do warmists like ALGORE & MO’STRONG get punished for their feral manipulations towards destroying EU industry/power delivery, and other countries’ Industry/resource extraction/& Power delivery, while trying to increase their political influence with inefficient organs like the EU and the corrupt, U.N.? GORE & STRONG, imo, should be arrested and tried for behavior, imo, similar, to shouting, “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre, without someone lighting-up the first cigar/cigarette! This ALSO “knocks the Props” from warmist-Fraud in the USA via the EPA, currently playing “politics” while shutting-down USA industry/energy exploration/Power generation. I warned, imo, Jackson of her come-uppence as an “Eco-Nazi”, and HERE, it is,–NO MORE lies, and “idiot-logical” warmist, GREEN-Meanie-weenie torch-light parades of warmist absurdity and Fascism! Imo, I call for Lisa Jackson to resign, immediately, –a laughing-stock tilting-at ALGORIAN, STRONGIAN-“windmills” of Plutocratic-Warmist-Excess, as she & her Schutz-Stafel-EPA try to close-down fracking on Private lands…by specious means, imo.

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