‘An Inconsistent Truth’ Debunks Gore’s Global Warming Hysteria

An Inconsistent Truth is a fun-filled, sometimes humorous, always fascinating and factual journey to the center of the truth.”

Phil Valentine writes at BigHollywood.com:

“You can fool all the people half the time, and half the people all the time.” That quote has been attributed to everyone from Abe Lincoln to P.T. Barnum. Whoever said it doesn’t matter. It’s true. Polls show that about half the people still believe in man-made global warming, despite Climategate and despite an avalanche of evidence to the contrary.

What we found in our movie “An Inconsistent Truth” is that belief in man-made global warming is wide but very shallow. Ask people on the street, as we did, if they believe in global warming and you’re likely to get a confident affirmation. Ask them why they believe it and you’re likely to get the dull stare of a dairy cow or the puzzled and confused gaze of Edith Bunker…

Read Valentine’s entire commentary.

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