Wheeling Intelligencer: Obama Winning His War on Coal

“[West Virginia Democrat Senator] Joe Manchin… needs to go on the offensive.”

The Wheeling Intelligencer editorializes,

Before most Americans probably realized President Barack Obama’s administration was waging war on the coal industry, he already had scored dramatic victories. As a result, millions of families will pay more for electricity and an industry that is the backbone of some state economies – including our own in West Virginia – will be devastated.

Utilities already had announced plans to close more than two dozen coal-fired power plants, due to new Environmental Protection Agency rules. On that list is the Kammer Plant, near Moundsville.

On Thursday, the list was expanded. FirstEnergy announced new EPA rules are forcing it to close six coal-fired power plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ten percent of the firm’s generating capacity is represented.

FirstEnergy previously had closed the old Burger Plant at Dilles Bottom, for the same reason.

At some point – very soon – damage caused by Obama’s war on coal will be irreversible. That makes it critical for Congress to stop the White House.

A few leaders, including Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., have been steadfast defenders of coal. Clearly, they need to go on the offensive.

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