7 thoughts on “Video: NASA shows how planet has warmed since 1800”

  1. NASA fudged their temperature data for the period from 1998 to present to appear there has been a temperature increase. Temperatures from 1998 to present have been flat while carbon dioxide concentrations have increased 24 ppm.

  2. When are we (taxpayers/voters/citizens) going to demand (i.e., elect people) that our federal agencies do what they’re supposed to do or die??

  3. So that’s 0.8ªC over 210 yrs.? I am building my ark starting tomorrow. At 545 ft above sea-level (Farnborough) I’m doomed. No wait – ice at 0.001ªC occupies more space that water at 4ªC. So actually, I can delay the build by, oh, 2 gazillion years, give or take, and build the biggest bad-arse (I’m a Brit – that’s how we spell it) snowmobile instead, because the next ice age is coming much sooner.

  4. “The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere was about 285 parts per million in 1880, when the GISS global temperature record begins. By 1960, the average concentration had risen to about 315 parts per million. Today it exceeds 390 parts per million and continues to rise at an accelerating pace.” So sayeth NASA. When I look at the carbon dioxide data from Hawaii, I see a concentration rising at about 3% per year. I do not see an accelerating pace. Why does NASA see an accelerating pace? I think that they see that the absolute increase goes up each year and call that an accelerating pace. That is misleading and wrong.

  5. Use a 10degree scale and the graph is flat. Not scary enough.

    They should have used hundreths of degrees instead of tenths, that would have really made it scary.

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