Trenberth’s missing heat found – it’s hiding in the ‘uncertainties’

The “uncertainties” ate my global warming? reports,

Phew. The Cause is back on track. A new study has “found” Kevin Trenberth’s missing ocean heat…

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2 thoughts on “Trenberth’s missing heat found – it’s hiding in the ‘uncertainties’”

  1. I may be a bit out of touch with climate science, but in the rest of science you are not allowed to just assume that the uncertainties in one direction are right and move on as though you are correct. As anyone with a brain would recognize, the uncertainties could also make the missing heat issue twice as bad…….guess they forgot to mention that in their crowing. The very reason they give as proving their theory……also works just as well at saying the problem is worse than they thought.

    If the day seems shorter today, its because of all the spin they are trying to generate is affecting the planets natural rotational duration.

  2. ohhhh…can we admit uncertainties now? I thought there was none and the science was settled and it was a crime against humanity to talk about doubt.

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