Treachery: Lung Association Attacks Fracking

We predicted this backstabbing.

We exposed fracking giant Chesapeake Energy’s paying the American Lung Association to attack the coal industry here and here.

So it comes as somewhat of a surprise to read that the American Lung Association’s New York chapter now says that fracking may cause lethal air pollution. Of course, this could simply be some sort of Lung Association theater to “show” that there’s no pay-to-play between Chesapeake and the Lung Association.

Either way, Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon ought to be rethinking his lying down with green dogs. Hey Aubrey, remember when we warned you:

Chesapeake’s problem is not the coal industry. Its problem is the radical environmentalists who are purposefully blocking U.S. economic recovery and growth in part through their war against fossil fuel production.

The Lung Association release is below.


Lung Association Expresses Concern Over Pollution From Fracking
by American Lung Association in New York

ALBANY, NY (01/11/2012)(readMedia)– In response to the Revised Draft of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement on The Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program in New York (dSGEIS), Jeffrey Seyler, CEO of the American Lung Association in New York, released the following statement:

Today, we submitted comments to the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) voicing the Lung Association’s serious concerns that DEC’s draft plan for hydraulic fracturing in New York contains troubling air quality deficiencies that must be corrected before any standards governing extraction are finalized.

As written, this plan will increase air pollution in the state, placing residents’ health at serious risk. DEC’s draft plan neglects to cumulatively assess or mitigate the negative impacts to air quality in drilling communities. It is also lacking essential air quality monitoring that is needed to ensure New Yorkers will not breathe in harmful emissions from this process. Perhaps most significantly, the dSGEIS completely fails to assess the substantial air pollution that will occur with the tens of millions of truck trips that will take place with high volume drilling.

Unless these issues are addressed in the final standards, we believe that there is a very real and unacceptable risk that the air emissions will make people sick and shorten the lives of those living in the communities where the extraction will take place.

More than 2.5 million New Yorkers now suffer from lung diseases including asthma, COPD and lung cancer. What’s more, our State of the Air Report 2011 found that nearly half of the state’s residents live in areas where air pollution threatens their lives and health. We’re concerned that this plan, as proposed, would increase pollution in areas of the state that now benefit from clean air. Such an outcome is unacceptable.

For the sake of the public’s health, we urge the DEC to conduct a more thorough assessment of the emissions impacts and release its findings for public comment. We believe that this is an essential step that must be taken before the state moves forward with any plan for hydraulic fracturing and begins issuing permits.


Editor’s note: The Lung Association’s comments submitted to DEC regarding the dSGEIS can be found here at
by American Lung Association in New York

5 thoughts on “Treachery: Lung Association Attacks Fracking”

  1. robert——I just think about the cost of all of the greed which benefits such a small few in the short term
    JK———-Skipped Econ 101, I take it? More natural gas = lower price = better standard of living for all of us.


  2. I live in an area where natural gas is in the process of being extracted. I just think about the cost of all of the greed which benefits such a small few in the short term, sadly 500 dollars an acre. The population which is the best work force the world has ever seen needs energy and renewable fuel sources. Energy misused and misappropriated will have major repercussions and is creating a more unstable world than our predecessors have ever seen. We have reached a point where the gift can become the curse. Sadly our human nature has been taken advantage of and slave labor is the way of the future… are we not humans anymore? clothing, shelter and food….wasn’t that all we needed? please realize that the real gift has already been give to us because nature is much stronger that your intellect…. your interesting smelly neighbor…

  3. Real science starts with an open mind, looks for a cause, a reason why things do what they do. The examine as much evidence as they can find and persue theories and often they are plainly wrong and have to start over. Once they think they have made a discovery, they offer up their studies to other scientists to see if they will stand the test of scepticism. They are willing to be proven wrong and try again to find answers.

    Junk science starts with an agenda and grasps frantically and carelessly for any statistics or associations that can be twisted to “prove” their pre-concieved prejudice. They will not allow their research to be tested by anyone that is not in their own tightly knit group. They are not willing to allow thier research to be released or examined by anyone in the real world (denying FOIA requests) And they attack anyone that disagrees with them and will do everything in their power to silence them.

  4. Actually fracking for natural gas is likely to displace other forms of air pollution (e.g. coal, heating oil, etc.) and produce a net reduction in air pollution. The ALA didn’t study the overall affect so the study is flawed. Besides, all the enviro-fascist know that fracking causes drinking water problems, earthquakes, polar bear cannibalism, and I think it makes children cry. The ALA doesn’t even have a seat on this looney tunes bandwagon.

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