Surber: Al to declare no polar bears in Antarctica

“Al Gore, James Hansen of NASA and others are headed way down south to Antarctica to spread half-truths about the South Pole melting. Look for Al to declare that there are no polar bears in Antarctica! Oh the shame.”

Don Surber writes at the Daily Mail (Charleston, WV):

…Apparently business is slow as it dawns on the public that these charlatans exaggerate. In their Nobel Peace Prize-winning IPCC report, Al Gore, James Hansen and the rest said the Himalayans would be ice-free by 2035. This “science” came from a press release from the tax exempt World Wildlife Fund corporation. When exposed, they said they meant 2305. I am curious as to how that still qualifies as science.

Steve Goddard had a better take on the misadventure: “A possible hint for them about the season would be the fact that during the winter Antarctica is completely surrounded by hundreds of miles of ice, and it is very dark and cold. Given that nobody lives in Antarctica, that sea ice is increasing there, and that temperatures are declining – one might question how anyone is being impacted by melting Antarctic ice”…

Read Surber’s entire column.

4 thoughts on “Surber: Al to declare no polar bears in Antarctica”

  1. It’s too bad there are no polar bears in the Antarctic. Since the Arctic is disappearing, and its polar bears set to become extinct, we need to provide them with a location where they can prosper — the Antarctic. Problem solved!

  2. As far as I know, the polar bear is an adaptation to the colder, whiter north from the brown bear. The darker pigmentation was lost in the hair and the follicles changed so that the polar bear could hunt in the whiter arctic environment. I did not know that any species of ursa migrated to the antarctica to adapt to a different environment. Maybe Al and his bunch need to adapt to the environment that the sun heats and cools the earth, not humans. Ah, the self rightousness.

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