‘Sceptics queue up for UN climate film’

We await a video.

The NGO Responding to Climate Change reports,

A climate sceptic website has offered $500 to anyone who can ‘debunk’ a UN film on glacier melt in the Himalayas.

The film, ‘Himayalan Meltdown’ is a joint project between the UNDP, Arrowhead Films, and Discovery Channel Asia.

It will be given a special screening at the US State Department today (Monday) ahead of a panel event to discuss the impacts of glacier melt in the Himalayas.

However, the event has received attention from the website junkscience.com.

It is offering $500 to anyone who will attend the event and ask a question on camera “that aims to debunk the notion that global warming is causing the Himalayan glaciers to disappear’…

Click for “Earn $500 in JunkScience.com’s Himalayan Glacier Melt Challenge.”

7 thoughts on “‘Sceptics queue up for UN climate film’”

  1. I think you’re thinking of Kilimanjaro. The deal with the Himalayan glaciers is that someone fantasized that the glaciers are melting, published a paper, and later retracted.

    Of course, I may have missed something somewhere.

  2. As I understand it the Himalayan glaciers are melting because the forest at the bottom has been depleted, which allows the warm winds to blow practically unhindered up the mountain.

  3. I saw Christopher Monckton comprehensively demolish the Himalayan glaciers myth in a stunning lecture he gave at Keele University in England about two months ago. He began by asking his questioner where he thought most of the world’s glaciers were. When the hapless questioner did not know the answer (Antarctica) Monckton then took him through a fantastic debunking of Pachauri, the IPCC et all, complete with peer-reviewed references and quoting individual scientists, research texts and dates. No wonder not a single warmista will take Monckton on. Anyway, he is your man for this job.

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