Report: ‘Winterless winter’ in Wash. D.C. area

“Blame for this year’s snow deficit can be assigned in layers, from the meteorological to the climatological, from the simple to the complex and on to the speculative.”

In another weird-weather-could-mean-global-warming article, the Washington Post mistakenly reports,

… This year’s average temperature, 43.5 degrees, was the seventh-mildest on record — warm, but not as warm as (starting with the warmest ever) 1889, 2006, 1931, 1949, 1982 or 1971.

As for the lack of snow, that’s not so strange, Zubrick said. There are 16 half-winters on record with no measurable snow in Washington…

We say the Post “mistakenly” reported these facts because they operate to debunk the notion that manamde carbon dioxide is causing the mild weather.

2 thoughts on “Report: ‘Winterless winter’ in Wash. D.C. area”

  1. Choking on snow one year and blaming climate. No snow the very next – and blaming climate. Talk about short-term memory loss. Shark jumping seems to be on the rise, if nothing else.

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