Pruden: When The Earth Refuses To Warm

“Global warming: Been there, done that. Forward-looking folks are adjusting their fretting machinery now to something called Cycle 25. Button up your overcoats. Ice is on the way.”

Wes Pruden writes:

Global warming, which was mostly a scam invented by researchers looking for government grants, is over. The great warming phenomenon, which was supposed to have sent polar bears to vacation in Miami Beach by now, ended in 1997.

Britain’s Met Office, which tracks weather and makes forecasts, and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, the source of much global warming research (some of it faked, some of it not), agree, according to the London Daily Mail, that Planet Earth could even be heading for an icy patch “to rival the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the [frozen-over] Thames in the 17th century.” They call this Cycle 25…

Read Pruden’s entire commentary.

4 thoughts on “Pruden: When The Earth Refuses To Warm”

  1. Why is it always the United States? Wow, you people are selfish. Stop with your conspiracy bullshit and go cut the lawn.

  2. AGW is a man made farce, the result of the brain power of GENERATION INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (GIM) or the likes of UN (Maurice Strong), Club of Rome, CFR et al.

    Specifically, AGW is the conceptual vehicle that will facilitate the intended de-industrialization of the United States of America. UN AGENDA 21 (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT) has probably already been legislated into a neighborhood near you!!! For starters, Please read:———–>

  3. I’m going to stay with “skeptic” and say you have to wait and see. CAGW through weather cooking is not provable or falsifiable and weather observation won’t change that fact.

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