Obama bids to control shore, ocean development

Shore areas to be off limits to development and oceans to be offlimits to fishing and oil/gas drilling.

Climatewire reports,

The Obama administration released a draft plan yesterday that calls for federal agencies to coordinate their work on oceans issues.

The plan, part of the White House’s continuing effort to create a new national ocean policy, includes several measures related to climate change.

It calls on federal agencies to work together to advise coastal and marine communities seeking to adapt to climate change and ocean acidification; develop plans to respond to oil and gas spills in the Arctic, where warming has reduced sea ice cover and created new areas for energy exploration; and consider the effects of climate change on fisheries and tourism.

“This plan reflects a number of overarching priorities of the Obama Administration — including a commitment to scientific data as an important basis for decision-making and a commitment to transparency and openness as we ensure that the interests of all stakeholders, from recreational beach-goers to fishermen and farmers, are taken into account,” said John Holdren, the president’s science adviser and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in a statement.

The document is the first major report from the National Ocean Council that President Obama created last summer to improve coordination and planning among 27 federal agencies that have a role in ocean policy…

Click for the plan and the opportunity to provide comments.

2 thoughts on “Obama bids to control shore, ocean development”

  1. This was written in April last year:

    “Whilst everyone has been occupied with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s defense before Congress of the EPA’s attempts to regulate CO2 emissions, the Administration has continued to move towards International Ocean Governance with the establishment of a Governance Coordinating Committee for the National Ocean Council, (NOC). The NOC has been long in the making and earlier history of Ocean legislation can be found here, going back to the 1969 Stratton Commission and beyond. However the current impetus dates to the Pew Oceans Commission in 2003 and the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy – An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century in 2004, mandated by the Oceans Act 2000.”

    Check out this link for the full story:

  2. Having failed to get Congress to pass a cap and tax bill that would have slowed the increasing temperature projections of IPCC models, Obama moves on in a King Canute-like and futile attempt to stop the oceans from leaving their natural born banks and invade voting landlubbers.

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