Obama and Romney: Nearly Identical on Global Warming and Coal Powered Plants?

We think BigGovernment.com’s AWR Hawkins is slightly behind on Romney’s current thinking.

Hawkins writes,

After looking over GOP speeches from this primary cycle, especially those wherein Mitt Romney stated (and restated) his belief in man-made global warming, it occurred to me that many of his positions sound eerily familiar, if not strikingly similar, to those held by President Barack Obama. And after looking more closely, it was interesting to set statements from the two side by side and see how little difference there actually is between them on environmental issues…

And while the points raised by Hawkins in the remainder of the article are correct — and we have also spent many electrons blasting Romney for his past green-bent and latter day climate squishiness — Hawkins seems to have missed Romney’s rejection of EPA regulation of greenhouse gases and his hitting EPA as a job-killer.

Given present-day circumstances, we have good reason to believe that Romney will ultimately be solid on coal-fired power.

But as with any politician, caution and continued pressure is always a good policy.

Read Hawkins entire commentary.

2 thoughts on “Obama and Romney: Nearly Identical on Global Warming and Coal Powered Plants?”

  1. As in the past, Romney will say and do anything for votes, it doesn’t matter if it’s sound policy. Which is one part of the definition of ‘Liberal’. We’ll never know what Romney really wants until later — perhaps after it’s too late.

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