Motl: Getting ready for 1100° C greenhouse runaway Earth

“In such a temperature, you won’t need a sweater.”

Luboš Motl reports at the Reference Frame:

The current global average mean temperature is about 15 °C. However, Colin Goldblatt and Andrew J. Watson have submitted a preprint called “The Runaway Greenhouse: implications for future climate change, geoengineering and planetary atmospheres” to the Royal Society which discusses a balmier temperature that we may expect soon: 1,100 °C. In such a temperature, you won’t need a sweater.

Read the entire Reference Frame article.

4 thoughts on “Motl: Getting ready for 1100° C greenhouse runaway Earth”

  1. Professor Plimer reports that CO2 levels musy go down for there to be global warming. Polar Ice cores show CO2 levels 100 times higher than now during all the ice ages

  2. Gosh, I’m really going to be WORRIED about what may happen, 2 billion years from now, when we would have all moved en-masse to a friendlier planet, anyway. The “Green-Meanies” HAVE knocked-out the props to their current climate-fraud, that we could be at fault/or could change things if we were (which we’re not & can’t), by saying the SUN, in its presumed move to red-giant, will be at fault, just as the Sun is at fault for now(before 2008). It’s slightly cooler, now. The solar-cycles continue, as do the “cycles of Fraud”, suggesting the Globalists could EVER “fix” anything. Can Socialism “fix” the EU/other economies? From their (IN-) competance, there, the Globalists will be able to “fix” what’s NOT broken,–the Solar Cycles? Yeah…right!

  3. That’s just insane. In such temperatures, nothing would survive – not even them. Besides, there is no evidence that suggests this. So far they have predicted not even a degree change in temperature – and this is the course of over 100 years! As I said, there is no evidence that suggests these temperatures will happen. As for the practise of geoengineering, it is a worthless subject. You cannot control the weather or climate.

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