Iowa State meteorologist: Climate change small factor in weather

Elwynn Taylor is not a 97%-er.

The Des Moines Register reports,

Iowa suffered its hottest July since the mid-1950s last year and has received below-average moisture since, but agricultural meteorologist Elwynn Taylor of Iowa State University told the Land Investment Expo Friday that climate change accounts for only about 5 percent of whatever weather patterns emerge at a given time.

Taylor told the group that weather patterns tend to run in cycles as long as two decades, and that Iowa has emerged from a period of relatively mild, stable weather to a pattern of colder winters and perhaps hotter, drier summers similar to what happened in the 1950s and again in the 1970s.

“I don’t discount man-made impacts of climate change,’ Taylor said in respones to a question. “But I would put the impact of climate change on our weather right now at no more than 5 percent”…

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