Greens to skeptics: Show us the money!

“The campaign to get a tiny charity to reveal its backers is driven by a desire to stamp out any eco-criticism.”

Ben Pile writes in “Greens to sceptics: show us the money!” at Spiked:

The first question asked about anyone making a non-conforming argument in the climate debate is ‘who funds them?’ And so it is with the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) – a three-man, cross-party, independent think tank with charitable status, which dared to challenge climate orthodoxy. The GWPF failed to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Charities Commission, demanding to know who gave the GWPF its first cheque of £50,000. Several climate scientists have backed the call for the think tank to reveal who backs it…

Read Pile’s entire commentary.

4 thoughts on “Greens to skeptics: Show us the money!”

  1. DP, the GWPF is a privately held charitable organization, and thus, it is specifically exempt from being required to reveal the identity of their donors. This is taking things on their head. Documents that are clearly covered by FOIA are protected with highly illegal “delete everything” orders, and information clearly and obviously exempt “must be released”.

    However, somehow we’re the bad guys.

  2. Taking money to support selected political and financial interests is business as usual for the greens. Thus, they assume that everyone else does it, especially their opponents.

  3. My allowance is dependent on two things.

    My grades and how well I do my chores.

    Can I get a report card from CRU and IPCC? – [ Not one made-up by them 🙂 ]

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