Gingrich to attack Romney on ‘authenticity’?

Both have flip-flopped on climate alarmism.

The Australian reports,

… In an attack on Mr Romney’s credibility, Mr Gingrich said yesterday on CBS News that he believed voters were looking for “authenticity” in difficulty economic times. The remarks were an undisguised reference to the reported policy U-turns of the former Massachusetts governor, who has recanted after reported previous support for gun control, gay rights, abortion, compulsory healthcare insurance and laws to combat climate change.

On at least two of these issues – compulsory health insurance and climate change – Mr Gingrich is likely to come under heavy pressure from Mr Romney or surrogates of his campaign about his own past policy reversals. But Mr Gingrich yesterday appeared to go out of his way to portray his main rival as a fake, even if he would not go as far as using the word. “(Voters) want somebody who is what he seems to be, somebody who is comfortable with himself, somebody who is able to have force in what he’s saying or what she’s saying, because they actually believe it”…

2 thoughts on “Gingrich to attack Romney on ‘authenticity’?”

  1. Once again, I say, stuff like this makes a second term for Obama increasingly likely. After all, didn’t he promise green technology and bankrupting coal plants? He hasn’t quite succeeded, but he has certainly tried. He’s ‘authentic’! The Republicans have had many years to field a decent batch of candidates and failed, badly. The only authentic candidate is Ron Paul, and right now, it looks like he doesn’t have a rat’s chance for the nomination.

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