Ford Motor withdraws from climate change group

USCAP has been dormant for about a year now.

The Washington Examiner‘s David Freddoso reports,

The National Center for Public Policy Research is claiming a scalp today after Ford Motor Co. formally withdrew from the liberal U.S. Climate Action Partnership. The conservative non-profit announces today that Ford has withdrawn from the organization, which uses corporate support form management to work against shareholders’ interests by promoting a cap-and-trade framework for carbon emissions…

Read Freddoso’s entire report.

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One thought on “Ford Motor withdraws from climate change group”

  1. Cap & trade will force the economy to fall short of where it must be for it to do its job. What’s its job? Its job is to satisfy a laissez-faire market for all things. Its satisfaction of anything short of that, of any other market or of anything else, constitutes a recession or a depression. That’s where we’ve been for many decades, there being countless other things for decades to obliterate laissez-faire. Cap & trade is one more, a big one. True, cap & trade will eclipse the present fitful growth, but this growth is only toward something like a Gosplan. Ford’s withdrawl from USCAP, though good & right, still only helps us toward something like a Gosplan. We must make it clear, publicly, that we’re after laissez-faire, on moral grounds, and that we won’t settle for anything else, not on any grounds.

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