Excessive soda consumption may lead to liver problems?


From Private MD News:

Individuals who drink excessive amounts of soda may be more likely to receive unhealthy liver panel tests, as a new study has shown that this can cause fat to build up in the liver and in the muscles surrounding internal organs, which are considered risk factors for disease.

Researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark tested the effects of drinking four different types of beverages over a six-month period. The study examined regular cola, aspartame-sweetened soda, milk and water.

The results showed that those who drank full-calorie soda had significantly more fat in their livers by the end of the study period. The researchers said that this is considered a major risk factor for diabetes and heart disease.

Excessive fat in the liver also increases the odds that an individual will develop liver disease. High levels of fat in the organ can cause scarring of the tissue, which diminishes its function. Therefore, individuals who drink soda on a regular basis may benefit from liver panel testing to make sure the organ is still functioning properly.

And just how do the researchers know that it was the soda that caused the fatter livers in these 47 already-overweight study subjects? They’re not telling. Correlation (if that’s even true) is not causation.

Click for the American Beverage Association response.

4 thoughts on “Excessive soda consumption may lead to liver problems?”

  1. The mind set of the “don’t eat anything” crowd is difficult to fathom. They are anti—-meat, sugar, artificial sweetener, carbonated beverage, fertilized veggies, large dairy farm milk, uh, pretty much everything that separates our way of life versus say a dungbeetle. These myopic dogooders and busybodies never have a problem bestowing unsolicited advice and instructions to folks who have so little social conscience as to actually have fun once in a while. Sadly the leader of the cultish group we call liberals currently occupies the White House for hopefully only 11 more months. Just the idea of Obama finding a new place to live makes me want to go out and order a medium rare, bone in prime rib and a big bakes potato!

  2. Just heard about a similar “scare” about preserved meat “causing pancreatic cancer!!!” There 44,000 cases in the US of pancreatic cancer out of a population of >300 million. Crunch the numbers. Everyone I have ever known eats bacon, sausage etc but in over 70 years I have never personally known of even one case of pancreatic cancer.

  3. Sugar and fructose are carbohydrates. Full calorie presumably means sweetened with sugar or fructose. They could have fed them french fries, cupcakes or ice cream and got the same result. High carb diets lead to fat in the liver for people who have metabolic syndrome unless people burn the carbs off. It has almost nothing to do with “soda” i. e. carbonated beverages.

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