EU: Almost no cost to tighter carbon emissions standards

Makes you wonder where the Enlightenment really came from.

Bloomberg reports,

The costs of tightening the European Union’s carbon-reduction targets are smaller than previously estimated, an analysis by the EU regulatory arm showed.

The bill for moving to a 30 percent emissions-reduction target in 2020 from the current goal of cutting greenhouse gases by 20 percent would range from 10 euros ($13.10) per capita in the Czech Republic to 136 euros in Luxembourg, according to the EU document published today. Four out of 27 nations in the bloc — Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria and Romania — would observe a profit from 7 euros to 54 euros per capita, it showed.

“The analysis shows that the 20 percent emissions reductions target will be less costly, for the EU as a whole as well as for each member state individually, than was assumed in 2008 when the legislation was negotiated,” the commission said on its website. “This means that the 30 percent reduction scenario has become also considerably less costly too”…

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2 thoughts on “EU: Almost no cost to tighter carbon emissions standards”

  1. Well, sure. If you are not going to do anything but pay lip service to the plan, there is little or no cost.

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