Bush EPA administrator on Obama green energy welfare?

Not surprisingly, he says nice things about the Obama EPA.

Politico reports,

Stephen Johnson is one of a handful of people who know first-hand what EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is dealing with.

So the George W. Bush-era EPA chief does not want to criticize his successor.

“I made a conscious decision not to be the armchair critic of the current administrator or administration — that the administrator’s job and the responsibility that’s been placed upon EPA by the laws are challenging enough,” Johnson said in a recent interview with POLITICO, after several years of shying away from the press.

“Does that mean I agree with every decision that the current administrator made? No, not at all,” he said. “Do I believe that they’re trying to advance health and environmental protection? I certainly do.”

So is he just being polite and/or naive?

Politico goes on to report:

Johnson is also on the board of Scotts Miracle-Gro and a wastewater treatment renewable energy company. And he’s a consulting board member of FlexEnergy, a renewable energy company that has created a turbine that captures and converts methane — a greenhouse gas — into energy.

Johnson said his new position at FlexEnergy meets his “interest in technology and advancing environmental and public health protection of addressing potent greenhouse gases,” in an “economically sustainable” and “prosperous way.”

In November, FlexEnergy launched a 250 kilowatt installation — enough to power 250 homes — at Fort Benning, Ga., as part of an Obama administration Defense Department pilot program. Using landfill gas, the base is now powered with near-zero emissions.

Demonstrating Johnson’s all-inclusive style of environmental policy, Mike Levin, FlexEnergy’s director of government affairs, noted that the technology offers “something for everybody to agree on”… [Emphasis added]

At the very least, Flex Energy is surfing the climate scare that Johnson not only failed to quell while EPA chief, but ultimately resulted in the Obama EPA’s greenhouse gas regulatory authority.

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