Bjorn LomborGore: ‘Global warming is real, it’s man-made, it is an important problem’


The Calgary Herald reports,

In a conversation with Bjorn Lomborg, the first assertion he makes these days is that he is not a climate change denier.

An advocate for a middle-road approach to tackling global warming, he says his message has been lost in translation numerous times since he first published the Skeptical Environmentalist in 2001.

“Global warming is real, it’s man-made, it is an important problem,” says Lomborg, repeating the opening line to many of his interviews in recent years…

“But it’s not the end of the world,” says Lomborg. “And certainly the way we’re tackling it right now is not working, and it hasn’t worked for the last 20 years”…

“We don’t burn fossil fuels to annoy Al Gore. We burn fossil fuels because they power everything we like about civilization,” said Lomborg. “So telling people ‘Could you please do without fossil fuels?’ is just a non-starter unless we come up with something else…

3 thoughts on “Bjorn LomborGore: ‘Global warming is real, it’s man-made, it is an important problem’”

  1. I read Lomborg’s book, Skeptical Environmentalist”, and found him to be very exacting in his work. However, I felt that he stayed badly in the way he approached AGW as compared to the way he handled all the other issues. He was almost consiliatory in his analysis. But he has at least been pretty consistent regarding AGW. Wrong but consistent.

  2. Three WRONG out of three, make you a someone who has NO credability, Bjorn, imo. There is NO GLOBAL WARMING, –Man HASN’T CAUSED WHAT DOESN’T EXIST, and the “issue” is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, because with your LIES and incompetancies, imo, Globalists would then seek to dictate to everybody, which they have no right to do. Bjorn, did you LOVE the Nazis? They started with Qwislings like you that said their issues were important. The Globalists HATE you, because you are advancing their LIES, imo, and THEY don’t believe them (–except in Public), so then you are “working/playing” them. Insinuating your head under their hand like a puppy to be petted, and you are simultaneously a traitor, imo, to ALL that is decent on Earth,–they have REASON to suspect you of Evil, due to your support of their Evil lies. Evil people suspect the motives of others who are EVIL. The Globalists are beyond their boot-tops in EVIL, so when you support the “Party-line(-Global-warming)”, OF COURSE, you are trying to “put one OVER on them”, they think. So even when you HELP them, you’ll eventually… get the Back of their hand. They were LYING, so YOU must ALSO be lying, and how can they “trust” someone who DARES to “lie” to them! This is THE Pathology… of the Left–why dictators like Stalin could KILL millions of his own.–Stalin KNEW, HE was lying, and for others to take-up his lies so eagarly,–well, they MUST be planning some OTHER LIES,–lies that would weaken/topple Stalin from power. So Stalin lashed-out at ALL those around him,–NOT all at once, but each one group in its turn–his last “Conspiracy” turned-out to be REAL, (the “Doctor’s Plot”), because when no doctor could convince Stalin that he was loved, even by Doctors (–he was HATED & FEARED by ALL in his Regime, Stalin was “correct” that they were LYING), they THEN, HAD, to “stroke-Stalin”(–KILLING him slowly, over time, but incapacitating him IMMEDIATELY), perhaps LONG before he would have naturally stroked, because Stalin WAS going to have great numbers of them arrested, –then force “confessions”, –then the pleadings of those tortured, to be “shot for their ‘Perfidy (–there seldom was any)'”, –then the guilty verdicts, and lastly, –the “long-walk down a short corridor. So, SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH, you APPARACHEK of MASS MURDER! Have the GONADS to LOOK at the TRUTH, and CHANGE…and SAVE LIVES because the Globalists will have one less “5th-column mouthpiece”–one less Apologist for the future Eichmanns running around looking for a REASON to spill the blood of Man, for a Hitler, a Stalin, or an Nobama’s Power, as if they NEEDED…a reason, to spill our blood.

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