Anti-fracking legislation introduced in Maryland

Chemicals, cancer, the Chesapeake, oh my!

WGMD reports,

Legislation has been introduced in Maryland that would ban the treatment of wastewater generated by hydraulic fracking that comes from other states. Maryland officials are still looking at the possibility of allowing fracking in the state – but consumer advocacy groups and some concerned residents are looking at the possible negative effects that Maryland could be exposed to – even if fracking isn’t allowed…

3 thoughts on “Anti-fracking legislation introduced in Maryland”

  1. Fracking in Ohio. Anytime, an industry uses millions of gallons of water to flush out a gas or oil, is the most unsustainable and ridiculously republican agenda this side of Santorums ass.

  2. To date there is no real proof that fracking does anything but provide abundant supplies of natural gas at all time low prices. The only damage it has done is to the agenda of the zero growth/energy rationing cult.

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