Alarmists claim warmth leaves Alaska

That’s not what the data say, according to our friends at

Icecap reports:

Think Progress has raised the alarm about arctic and Alaskan warming based on a release from the evil advocacy group WWF which uses ficticous arctic readings taken from Hansen’s NASA GISS data set. Hadley and the UAH/RSS arctic make no estimates for the arcttic where there are no reporting stations. Hansen, estimates based on readings taken from 1200 km or more away. In his latest post on Think Progress, another George Soros (a malevolent philanthropist who made his fortunes destroying world economies and peoples), comedy blog, chief comic Joe Romm implies Alaska cold has left for India. Based on the drum beating of the looney left, concerned about mounting evidence that Arctic thawing is accelerating carbon emissions to the atmosphere, the Ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Henry Waxman (Democrat, California a fellow loon), has called for a hearing on the issue.

Temperatures dropped to -40F the earliest ever in November in Fairbanks. Record snows fell in southern Alaska from Anchorage east – some place 160 inches above normal through early January…

Read the entire Icecap article.

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