Activists want climate change on TV weather reports

Weathermen are targeted because polls show they’re not believers.

The Houston Chronicle reports,

…The campaign was spurred in part by a pair of surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011 by George Mason University.

The first survey found that 63 percent of tele­vision forecasters attributed global warming to natural causes, while just 31 percent believed it was mostly brought about by human activity. More than one-quarter of respondents called global warming a “scam.”

A survey of television weather­casters last summer found that 19 percent attributed climate change to mostly human causes, 29 percent to mostly natural causes, and 34 percent to some of both. The remainder declared themselves either unconvinced or undecided…

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8 thoughts on “Activists want climate change on TV weather reports”

  1. Every day on the news I hear stories that begin wit ” a new study” or ” researchers……..” , I guess there are new studies that come out every day? Recently there were 2 stories that were laughable, ……..smoking in an enclosed car with children and how spanking children is wrong. That’s new? When they can’t find anything they dig up crap from 20 years ago, they have to fill that segment. My favorite is when they talk about the economy they show big sheets of money being printed, it helps the dummies understand what they are saying I guess…………….what a joke !

  2. Yes, some kind of rot. Meteorologists are in position to choke the climatists
    on this. Example: a quip about global warming on the coldest day of the year
    will have a devastating affect on the climatists. I’m sure meteorologists could
    have lots of fun dreaming up another thousand quips.

    People who are forced to speak have a knack for making the forcers sorry.

  3. Weather *is* climate. After all, climatologists measure weather. Trouble is, meteorologists are far more accurate in their predictions than climatologists.

    Should meteorologists report on TV things like, “On Wednesday, temperatures are set to climb to 25 degrees above the predicted average global temperature” or some such rot?

  4. It’s the weather report, not the climate report.

    Unless weather is climate. Some days it is, if it suits the alarmists. Perhaps
    weatherpeople could choke the alarmists on this, talking about global warming
    on the coldest days, et cetera.

  5. The meteorologist on the NBC station in Fort Myers, Florida was fired because he was a skeptic who wrote a fact based column in the local newspaper.

  6. That’s nothing – I heard an ABC Australia radio broadcast promoting a Gardening Guide (never mind the ABC is supposed to be strictly non commercial and hence not advertise) which promoted ways to protect your garden from Climate Change.

    Yes you heard it right – it is now essential to change your gardening methods to protect your vulnerable veggies from effects that may or may not happen long after the gardener is dead and those changes may or may not include drought, flooding, strong hurricanes, weak hurricanes, snow or no snow etc etc.

    Whilst listening to the ludicrous topic being broadcast in such an ernest manner I was reminded of the best of Monty Python’s absurd skits such as the Cheese Shop – you know – where the discussion after finding the shop has no cheese goes something like – Its not much of a cheese shop – finest in the land – how so ? – well, its clean – well its certainly uncontaminated by cheese.

    The broadcast was certainly uncontaminated by sanity.

  7. I am in Dunedin, NZ. Currently we are enjoying our summer season. Well, we WERE in late December and early January. We had nearly three weeks of beautiful sunny days, people out and about enjoying their holiday and making the most of the weather.
    It snowed on the hills last week and as I type this (10:00am) I have my fire going to ward off the bitter howling southerly chill from Antarctica. I think ‘Mother Nature’ got wind of Al Gore’s plan to visit these parts. I just hope he doesn’t stay long…I prefer warm to cold…especially in summer. But, I guess I’m just weird like that.

  8. “Well folks it was a minus 20 degrees here last night and that is quite a bit above seasonal for Denver on the first of May.”

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