Two degrees of junk science: James Hansen v. Phil Jones

Are we really 2-degrees from disaster?

In “As Climate Change Worsens, Scientists Feel Increasing Pressure to Speak Out,” Inside Climate News reports,

The scientists also agreed that—based on what’s now being observed as the earth responds to high levels of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases—what constitutes a dangerous level of global warming is likely less than what models have anticipated. James Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies explained that scientists who are examining the fossil record for clues about dramatic ecosystem and climate shifts in previous geologic eras are finding evidence that current changes are happening faster than any comparable changes the earth has previously experienced.

We will get a very different climate with an increase of 2 degrees Celsius, and that’s what international organizations are setting as a goal,” Hansen said. “A 2 degrees Celsius increase is actually a prescription for disaster.” [Emphasis added]

Climategate’s Phil Jones too thinks that 2 degrees is too much climate change — but then he admitted in Climategate 2.0 the science behind his thinking:

I think [the 2-degree limit] is plucked out of thin air.

‘Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “Two degrees of junk science: James Hansen v. Phil Jones”

  1. Amazing…people actually fall for this crap. A little test to try out on your firends…I have proposed this to hundreds of people…most of whom were fairly well educated…and I have had one person get close to the correct answer and another one who knew the answer. What % of the air is CO2? Pretty simple question, but most people have forgotten basic High School science and miss this by wide margins…the typical responses are 10% up to 40%. CO2 is actually only four 100ths of one percent of the air we breathe…using a decimal it is 0.038%…as a fraction it is 1/27th of 1%. If you recall High School science the air we breathe is a little over 78% Nitrogen (78.08), just under 21% Oxygen (20.95) and almost 1% Argon (0.93)…for a total of 99.96% of the air we breathe. All the othere trace gasses use up the remaining fraction…you do not have to take my word for it, look it up…this is emperical scientific data which has not changed in centuries. The fact is most CO2 is produced by nature…human activities account for about 3% of the total. So for this miniscule contribution to the atmosphere…this 0.001% of the air we breathe, these clowns want to regulate CO2…what idiots.

  2. “Factors contributing to climate change are moving faster than predicted and pushing us toward planetary conditions unlike any humans have ever known”

    Faster than predicted? Even the worst temperature-taking sleight of hand puts us below what the mid-1990’s models predicted. Unlike any humans have ever known? I didn’t realize the human species is less than 600 years old. And no links or evidence to back up this outlandish statement? It must be like getting to check your own papers and assign your own grades. No fails in this class!

  3. Bunk. He should know better. If he doesn’t he is incompetent beyond belief. If he does, he’s lying.

    Greenland ice cores record a 10°C warming in a single decade at the end of the Younger Dyas cold period, 8.2k ybp.

  4. Let’s shoot for 7 degrees because my people want to move back to Greenland to farm like they did from the 10th-15th centuries.

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