NYT’s Revkin Denies Bias in Climategate Coverage

Revkin now a “denier”, too?

Alana Goodman writes in Commentary Magazine:

… On the whole, I think Revkin has tried to be fair to all sides of the climate change debate. But I still don’t believe he gives fair coverage to the content of the original ClimateGate emails — emails that he personally had a part in. If the messages had shown prominent climate change skeptics plotting media strategy, obscuring data, and acting more like lobbyists than scientists, the New York Times would certainly have treated it like the scandal it is. And if the Times is willing to devote space to crowdsourcing the Sarah Palin emails, it had no excuse for not doing the same with emails written by prominent scientists who help shape international environmental policy.

Read “Revkin’s lame-o defense for Climategate 2.0″.

Below are the Revkin Climategate 2.0 e-mails. Judge him for yourself.

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