LNT model debunked by Berkeley Lab researchers

Not that it was ever credible in the first place.

From a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory media release:

Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), through a combination of time-lapse live imaging and mathematical modeling of a special line of human breast cells, have found evidence to suggest that for low dose levels of ionizing radiation, cancer risks may not be directly proportional to dose. This contradicts the standard model for predicting biological damage from ionizing radiation – the linear-no-threshold hypothesis or LNT – which holds that risk is directly proportional to dose at all levels of irradiation.

“Our data show that at lower doses of ionizing radiation, DNA repair mechanisms work much better than at higher doses,” says Mina Bissell, a world-renowned breast cancer researcher with Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division. “This non-linear DNA damage response casts doubt on the general assumption that any amount of ionizing radiation is harmful and additive.” [Emphasis added]

Don’t forget that data suppression aided and abetted the rise of the linear no-threshold (LNT) model.

4 thoughts on “LNT model debunked by Berkeley Lab researchers”

  1. chuck in st paul, you’ve just stated, in a different way, that it’s the dose that makes the poison. Should be obvious, but isn’t if you read the mass media. I too, have been soldering for years and there are no ill effects.

  2. LNT is the scam of the century. It crosses all sciences, in particular chemistry and radiation. The assinine assumption that any amount of chemicals our body actually requires to function will harm us is and always has been crappola. I’ve worked for decades with lead based solder. I’ve breathed the fumes while soldering and had the lead/tin stuff all over my fingers. I have absolutely no bad effects. None of the technicians I worked with for decades did either. Yet, lead is going to kill us all if there any anywhere in a mile of us the way these clowns tell us. Ditto for BPA, etc.

    However, when real world studies are actually done they are shocked, SHOCKED to find out that there is a rolloff of effect below a certain level. Good grief. What a bunch of morons and scam artists.

  3. Same waste of dollars in nuclear facilities. ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) has been big business there for many years. Lots of money used for extra equipment and for people who track miniscule changes in dosage. Plus harassment of anyone who actually does work, and thus increases their dose.

  4. Think of the millions of wasted dollars for the radon fraud which is probably based on this LNT fraud. There is so much money based on this now I doubt knowing it is a fraud will change a thing.

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